We have it all organised

Recording and mixing


Our live rooms and control rooms are some of the most versatile and best equipped in Switzerland. Just come on by and take a listen.

Speech recording


571 Recording Studios contributes longstanding experience with podcast production, dubbing soundtracks into other languages, audiobooks, and voiceovers. We will also be pleased to link you up with professional voice artists. Talk with us; we are happy to be of help.



Our specialists in mixing for film often do work for radio and television as well. They know how picture and sound are combined for evocative effect. Editing is a matter of feeling, and has a lot to do with rhythm. Which fits right in with our studio.

Other services

  • Consulting, production supervision
  • Personnel and musician agency
  • Training courses
  • CD pressing (small runs)
  • Rehearsal room hire
  • Concert recordings at your venue

Request an offer

So we can make you an optimal offer, it is best if you write us directly. That way we can assemble a made-to-measure quotation that exactly meets your needs. We look forward to hearing from you!